Missing & Found

Alan And Ian Reconnect After 40 Years

Hong Kong based OP Alan Young had been wanting to reconnect with fellow past pupil Ian Higham for many years. A chance contact with another OP, Ian Watts, who is now based in Chicago, over the Summer Supper, brought Ian's name up in conversation and through the magic of the OPs network and Facebook the pair were put back in touch earlier this summer.

Alan comments, "Ian Higham shared the boarding room with me and Martin Smith back in 1978 when I was in Form 5, just nine months before the GCE O level exams.

Ian corrected my English every time I got it wrong and we played in the Chapel each Sunday. I used to play guitar and he sang the hymns. We sadly lost contact after GCEs until recently when Melanie, the OPs Secretary, reconnected us. Through Ian, I am now able to connect with Martin Smith too. It’s so nice to be able to be back in touch with each other after 40 years."